Top 10 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities

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Top 10 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities Thanks For Watching. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment. Thanks By: SamOscarz21. Some celebrities continue to make huge amounts of money after their deaths.Forbes magazine has compiled data on the top-earning dead celebrities.
Influential American business magazine Forbes has released their annual list of highest-earning dead celebrities. Here are the top 10 stars who continued to make money after their deaths.To compile the list, Forbes talked to estate managers, agents, music publishers and other in-the-know folks to come up with estimates of what each estate brought in between October 2013 and October 2014. Forbes don’t deduct for taxes or things like management fees.
The top-earning celebrity in the world in 2014 was, in fact, a dead celeb. This is surely testament to the fact that our society loves to immortalize our heroes, our idols, our beloved entertainers. We hold onto them even after they are long gone; in fact, when celebrities leave the mortal coil they tend to take their negatives with them, as we seem to focus only on their greatness rendering them almost flawless in death. Once a favourite celebrity is gone we cling to whatever they left for us here on Earth, whatever gifts they brought us, and when they die those items – music, art, personal items, pictures – instantly increase in value because of their now necessarily finite nature. But that’s not to say the celeb in question can’t keep developing an empire. The name itself, on merchandise, in movies and in advertising, seems to have even larger earning potential when the celebrity is passed. And so, many of our society’s most cherished departed celebrities continue to rake in the big bucks long after they’re gone. The legacy these celebrities leave is so huge it’s guaranteed to bulk up their estates for years to come: Indeed, some of these celebs are earning millions annually, up to 50 years after their death. Here’s the breakdown of the 10 immortal celebrities who just keep on earning, ranked in terms of annual earnings in 2014
James Dean
Bettie Page
Steve McQueen
Bruce Lee
Theodor Geisel
Albert Einstein
John Lennon
Marilyn Monroe
Bob Marley
Elizabeth Taylor
Charles Schulz
Elvis Presley
Michael Jackson
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