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To sing world class, you have to learn how to tune your formant or tune your voice. One of the primary technical components that does the tuning is the larynx, specifically, students of singing need to learn how to dampen their larynx to amplify the 2nd harmonic in their formant. The Dampened larynx also produces a 'warmer', 'bluesy', 'darker' harmonic that most people agree sounds better then a brighter, more 'quacky' larynx that does not dampen. For women, the necessity for dampening the larynx becomes even more urgent. Due to the smaller female vocal tract, if women do not learn to dampen their voices, they run a much higher risk of sounding 'quacky', like a duck when singing. Although, in the end, both genders need to master this skill. Train TVS techniques and you will learn about larynx dampening and will be able to enjoy the techniques and workouts that teach you how to develop this critical skill. Those that sing with dampening sound world class, those that do not, will always sound amateurish. Pick up a copy of the TVS vocal training system, "The Four Pillars of Singing".
VISIT HERE: http://www.thefourpillarsofsinging.com
Duration: 9 Minute, 25 Second
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Published: 2013-02-22 01:00:39
Author: Robert Lunte

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