The Origin Of Nations Sons Of Shem

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In this video we'll study Genesis chapter 10, verses 21-32. This video covers a portion of the Table of Nations, but before we get into the names of the sons of Shem (or Shem's descendants), I address another issue while we're here. I try to explain how Shem's first three sons could have been born within "two years after the flood" (Genesis 11:10), but first I must answer the question, "Were there children on the ark?" After all of that, we continue on in the Table of Nations, where we go over an old idea about the origin of the word "Hebrew", and I explain why I believe I might have been wrong in the last video about where the "queen of the south" came from (Matthew 12:42). The origins of Syria, the Eberites (or Hebrews), the first Arabs, and more are mentioned in this part of scripture.

Note: All scripture texts in this video are from the American Standard Version (1901), unless otherwise specified. Sometimes verse numbers are excluded, text reformatted, grammatical errors corrected, and so on for easier reading.

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